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Hello guys.

First of all sorry for not being so active anymore in dA. I haven't been drawing as frequently as I used to be. The distractions being gaming, real life, and... crochet. Heh. But anyways, I thought of expressing what I think about me and drawing.

Do you do commissions?
Yes I do, but it depends on the job and it may take a long time to finish.

How about requests?
Art trades, yes, but depends. Requests, no. I draw for other people only when they are : 1) Very nice to me. 2) Interesting. 3) Appreciate my art. 4) Does not ask for request, only genuinely and sincerely friendly. 

Are you going to continue your "Liegeman's Story" comic?
Well, currently I don't have plans to continue it, sorry.

I haven't seen you drawing Final Fantasy stuff anymore, why?
My interest changes over time. I still love FF, but now I'm currently hooked on Star Wars. You can still talk to me about stuff other than Star Wars of course.

Do you plan on having a job in visual art?
As much as I'd love to, I can't. Cause I can't even draw HANDS. And decent looking backgrounds. I can't even sketch on paper with a pencil anymore.

You seldom replied to the comments in dA.
I know, I know, but I really appreciate your feedbacks. Every one of them, I read. But I think when I check back dA the comments are already centuries old so... if there's a Like button on comments I'd press it. I'd write "Thank you" on every single one of them if I have time.

You have very little watchers.
*creis* Maybe because I wasn't as active as I used to. Or maybe I didn't submit my works to groups to get noticed. But I still feel in dA is where my artworks are most appreciated. I admit it's kinda sad to have none liking your hard work especially when you are proud of it, but I guess their interest does not meet mine :\

So why don't you join a group with like-minded people?
I would. It can be nice to see other people's artwork of things that I like. I really should devote more time on dA hey.

Are you single?
What kind of question is that?

I saw you currently taking interest in crochet. Do you do commissions for that too?
Why yes, but keep in mind I'm very new to crocheting and I'm still learning. Willing to learn whatever you requested though.

Can we ask any other questions other than the rest above?
By all means, ask away in comments and I am, yes, I am going to reply to them; don't worry.

Thank you and have a good day everyone :D


I love my watchers, my second home, my husband, and myself.

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